For years, Lori and Betsy have been talking about how hard it is to find cute, stylish, affordable dresses for their daughters in the DC Metro area.  First world problem?  Yes, but even so, it's still a frustration for busy moms who want to have positive experiences when they shop with their daughters for special events.  Although the Internet is always an option, both Lori and Betsy prefer a more personal, engaging experience.  They finally decided to do something about it and opened up a pop up dress shop.  Together, they have created a comfortable, intimate experience for dress shopping. At Dress LAB, they have carefully selected dresses for girls of different styles, body types and ages. Trying to fill this niche in suburban DC, is something to which both women remained committed. Meeting new families, connecting with other women, and watching mom’s and daughters navigate the shopping experience is what makes Dress LAB a rewarding experience. Hopefully, you will find Dress LAB to be a satisfying, unique little dress shop.

“For mom’s who know nothing about opening a store, they seem to be doing a great job. Also, I get first dibs!”
— Eliza Mencher (age 13), Betsy's daughter